Please join us April 18-22, 2018 at Harrah's Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for the 19th Annual SRPE Conference. Read More

    WE HAVE FEDERAL MARCA BILLS INTRODUCED IN BOTH THE HOUSE AND SENATE -S 769 & HR 1904! This is the time to pull out all the grassroots efforts to get all of the previous cosponsors on board! Please contact your Representative and Senators to cosponsor these bills. Read More

    The SRPE cooperates with the American College of Radiology, American Society of Radiologic Technologists, & the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists promote the Radiology Physician Extender.
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Society of Radiology Physician Extenders

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SRPE is a non-profit organization for the RPA and RRA sharing a common bond within the global mid-level radiology profession and medical community. The society holds an annual educational conference with seminars and presentations. The SRPE is an active participant with other health care professionals and organizations to educate and promote the role of the mid-level radiology extender. Our organization is committed to fostering the highest values and promoting superior lifelong success both personally and professionally.

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Society of Radiology Physician Extenders

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at the

19th Annual SRPE Educational Conference 

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APRIL 18-22nd, 2018

Harrah's Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV

Expanding OUR Horizons: Education, Leadership, and Professionalism

The conference is open to all allied health professionals and offers 25+ ASRT approved A & A+ CE credits with seminars on radiologic procedures, radiation safety, patient care, pathologies, ethics, etc. related to medical imaging. 

 Attendees will enjoy dynamic speakers, the SRPE social, open forum, latest trends from industry’s top vendors, networking with other professionals, and all Las Vegas has to offer. 


SRPE Active and Associate Members get $150 off conference registration and $50 off ACLS recertification.



"Early-bird" discount applied on conference registration until April 6th, 2018


SRPE 2018 Confrence Schedule- Final


Write Your Members of Congress

Members of Congress have introduced bills for the 2017-18 session that would recognize radiologist assistants—Registered Radiologist Assistants (R.R.A.s) and Radiology Practitioner Assistants (RPAs)—under Medicare law. If you’re an R.R.A. or an RPA, we urge you to request support for the bill from your representatives and senators.

The bills’ chances of success increase when more members of Congress co-sponsor them. To help these bills become law, we urgently need to secure as many co-sponsors as possible. That's where we need your help. Emailing your representatives and senators will increase the probability that bills recognizing the radiologist assistant (RA) profession in Medicare law become reality.

As a reminder, here are the steps to email your members of Congress:

  • Confirm who represents you in the House of Representatives (search using the box in the upper right corner)
  • Confirm who represents you in the Senate (use the state drop-down menu on top)
  • Get your ZIP + 4 code if you need it
  • Work from a sample letter for representatives
  • Work from a sample letter for senators
  • Email the letter to your representatives and senators, and include This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Copying us on your emails lets us update our Washington lobbyists. It gives them the documentation they need to follow up with your senators and representatives—and demand action. 

Letters of Support

Writing your members of Congress will help promote the bills. If you can get a letter of support from your employer, however, that would greatly improve our chances for success this year.

If your employer hasn’t written a letter of support, you could ask someone from your leadership team to write one. We offer sample letters of support for:

If your employer has written and sent a letter of support in previous years, you could ask the writer to consider updating it. This year’s bills are new. Changing the date and bill number would remind your representatives and senators that Congress is considering new RA bills and that you are again asking for support.

Thank you for taking the time to voice your support for RA legislation in Congress.


S 769 & HR 1904!

On March 29th 2017, Senator Boozman (R-AR) introduced S.769 the Medicare Access to Radiology Care Act of 2017 (MARCA). Representative Olson (R-TX 22) introduced companion bill, HR 1904, on April 5th.

The bill language is the same as the MARCA bill introduced in 2016.

This bill will amend the Social Security Act to include the Radiologist Assistant (including both the RPA and RRA) to recognize radiologist assistants (RAs) and allows Medicare coverage for their services. State law would continue to govern the scope of practice and supervision requirements for RAs, and supervising radiologists would continue to bill and receive payment for RA-performed services.

What can you do to help?

1. Your Congressperson will be in their districts for 2 weeks starting April 10th. Please schedule a meeting to talk to your Congressperson to encourage them to cosponsor the bill. Click here for access to sample letters, leave behinds, issue brief, and other documents. 

2. Get letters from your organization asking the Congressperson to cosponsor legislation and have as many people you can find sign the letter.

3. Set up a computer with the ASRT advocacy website and have as many people as you can find from work, school, church, etc. to write letters. State ASRT affiliates can set up a computer at their meeting and have the attendees write letters of support.

Contact Your U.S. Legislators About Medicare Recognition of the RA

A message has been created for you. Please personalize the first sentence of this message by identifying your practice area.

 ARRT to Open RPA to R.R.A. Pathway


For a limited time, ARRT will offer Radiology Practitioner Assistants (RPAs) a modified eligibility pathway to earn Registered Radiologist Assistant (R.R.A.) credentials. This pathway will open in the near future and will be available through December 31, 2020.

RPA to R.R.A. Requirements

To earn R.R.A. credentials using the temporary RPA eligibility pathway, you must meet the following requirements by December 31, 2020:

  • Be certified as an RPA by the Certification Board for Radiology Practitioner Assistants or have graduated from a Radiology Practitioner Assistant educational program that is based in an educational institution accredited by an ARRT-approved mechanism
  • Be certified and registered with ARRT in Radiography
  • Have at least one year of acceptable clinical experience in radiography, which must be completed after you’ve earned your ARRT credential in Radiography (Clinical experience may be earned concurrent to a radiologist assistant educational program, but cannot be satisfied by the program)
  • Have a baccalaureate degree or graduate degree from an institution accredited by an ARRT-approved mechanism
  • Meet ARRT’s ethic’s requirements
  • Pass ARRT’s R.R.A. examination

The ARRT Rules and Regulations state that candidates must establish eligibility within five years after completing an educational program (for those completing a program prior to 2013) or within three years after completing an educational program (for those completing a program after 2012). However, we will waive this requirement for those using the temporary RPA eligibility pathway.

Click here for more information on ARRT's RPA to RRA pathway.

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