17th Annual SRPE Educational Conference was a great success! Please join us April 5-9, 2017 at Harrah's Resort and Casino in Las Vegas for next year's conference. Read More

    Senator Boozman (R-AR) and Senator Casey (D-PA) to Introduced S. 2940 Senate Companion Bill to H.R. 4614! Read More

    The SRPE cooperates with the American College of Radiology, American Society of Radiologic Technologists, & the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists promote the Radiology Physician Extender.
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Society of Radiology Physician Extenders

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SRPE is a non-profit organization for the RPA and RRA sharing a common bond within the global mid-level radiology profession and medical community. The society holds an annual educational conference with seminars and presentations. The SRPE is an active participant with other health care professionals and organizations to educate and promote the role of the mid-level radiology extender. Our organization is committed to fostering the highest values and promoting superior lifelong success both personally and professionally.

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Society of Radiology Physician Extenders

Senator Boozman Introduced S. 2940 Senate Companion to HR 4614!


John Boozman, Republican Senator from Arkansas, introduced S. 2940, Senate companion bill to HR 4614, on May 17th. 

Senator Casey (D-PA) has agreed to be the orginial Democratic sponsor which shows true bipartisan cooperation. The ARRT, ASRT, ACR, and SRPE was at a press conference to announce the introduction of the bill with Senator Boozman.

Please feel free to share this news, and ask others to contact their Senators to ask for their support of Senator Boozman's S. 2940 the companion bill to HR 4614. 

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 ARRT is seeking public opinion on reopening the RPA to RRA pathway

The ARRT Board of Trustees are considering temporarily reopening the eligibility pathway that grants RPAs certified by the CBRPA eligibility to participate in ARRT's RRA examination-provided that all other professional education eligibility requirements are met.The ARRT Board will take comments until June 3, 2016 and will rule on the reopening the pathway at the July ARRT Board of Trustee's meeting.

This change only affects the requirement that candidates must apply to ARRT within five years of graduating from an educational program (before 2013) or within three years of graduating (2013 or later). The applicant will still have to meet ARRT's other education requirements, and the applicant must pass the ARRT exam.

Proposed Changes-

If you have graduated from an RPA educational program, and you haven't previously applied to ARRT for certification and registration as an R.R.A., you may be eligible to do so through Dec. 31, 2020.

If you applied to ARRT in the past, you are not eligible for this reopened pathway unless you re-establish educational eligibility by completing an RA or advanced placement program.

 For more information or to comment on the RPA to RRA Pathway, please see the ARRT site


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